Product Highlights
Genscape brings unparalleled insights to biofuels
QAP & Compliance Services

Genscape's QAP helps renewable fuel producers maximize the value of their RINs through low-touch, high-tech third party assurance. Genscape's QAP is the only EPA recognized QAP with real-time monitoring technology that takes the place of site audits. Solutions are customized and can be configured to include attestations, engineering reviews, RFS2 reporting and new facility registration. Genscape also provides both registration and integrity services for LCFS credits.

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Ethanol Production Reports

The daily report shows day ahead, current day and historic pipeline nominations near ethanol facilities, providing an indicator of ethanol production activity. Genscape performs periodic analysis of the pipeline nominations locations included in this report to gauge their relevance to ethanol production. Subscribers also receive a complete historic data set and access to analysts.

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Ethanol Inventory Reports

Subscribers to the weekly ethanol inventory report receive actual, measured ethanol storage inventory data, which is gathered using Genscape's proprietary technology stack. Genscape currently measures 47 ethanol storage tanks in the New York Harbor area, comprising approximately 2.8 million barrels of storage capacity. The measured inventory presents one-of-a-kind granularity with field level data. For comparison, the most recent EIA PADD I ethanol storage information is also presented. Genscape releases the data each Tuesdays at 9 a.m. ET, a full day ahead of the EIA storage figures.

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Biofuel Producer Industry Database

The Industry Database provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date public information available at the facility level. Information from multiple industry sources and the EPA’s EMTS registry is compiled and updated weekly. News items along with significant changes in status are captured and retained providing a facility-level chronology. We currently monitor more than 500 North American biodiesel, ethanol and biogas facilities. The facility data maintained includes capacity, feedstocks, website, and operational status along with current EMTS company and facility IDs and fuel codes. In addition to association membership and plant certification status, facility profiles, images, location and key contact data are also maintained.

Additional Products and Services
LandViewer Select
LandViewer Select offers all the benefits of LandViewer Counties plus personalized agronomist and high resolution satellite analysis for fields you specify. Includes bi-weekly private conference calls to review the latest information and ongoing access to our team of experts.
LandViewer Counties
LandViewer Counties provides county-by-county planted acres (with adjustments to reflect changes from acreage loss during the season), yield and production estimates and climate related fundamental data. The current LandViewer yield model covers over 1,400 counties in the top corn producing states.
LandViewer States
LandViewer States provides state level planted acres (with adjustments to reflect changes from acreage loss during the season), yield and production estimates and climate related fundamental data. The data is provided ahead of the USDA weekly crop progress report to provide early insight. The current LandViewer yield model covers the 18 top corn producing states.